How The Lampo Group of Brentwood Tennessee Uses Hidden Network


The Lampo Group


Financial Services and Education


Senior Java/Coldfusion Developer


Placed a job ad on Hidden Network


“The Lampo Group is a growing organization with a worldclass development team. Although we've had some success with the big job boards, being located in Brentwood, Tennessee, we have to work hard to tell candidates about the high quality of life here in Brentwood, and the incredible work environment at The Lampo Group.

“Quality is far more important to us that quantity. We'd rather identify and recruit five outstanding candidates than sort through a sea of mediocre ones.

“Hidden Networks lets us reach the best of the best — qualified candidates that care about quality of life and the quality of their work.

“We recently needed to find a Senior Java/Coldfusion Developer, and we were very pleased with the quick response and high quality candidates we found using Hidden Network. I just hope everyone doesn't find out about our secret source of candidates!

- Meghan Britton of The Lampo Group