How Motley Fool Finds Better Job Candidates Using Hidden Network


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Sharepoint Expert with sense of humor


Placed a job ad on Hidden Network


“The Motley Fool�s market-beating advisory newsletters, Stock Advisor, updates and executive interviews reach millions each month online through its own site and partnerships with such leading portals as Yahoo!, MSN and AOL.com.

“When we needed a Sharepoint Expert to consolidate and expand The Motley Fool Sharepoint Intranet, we sought a special Fool with management and development experience � someone that could hit the ground running.

“But in addition to technical expertise, we needed someone that could fit our friendly, irreverent culture here at The Motley Fool.

“That�s exactly what we found using Hidden Network. It�s a great service for finding passive candidates who just aren�t reachable using mainstream job boards.

“I�m very pleased with the results I�ve found using Hidden Network.

- Kara Chambers, Recruiter at The Motley Fool