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Hidden Network Testimonials

Kara Chambers at The Motley Fool:

“…Hidden Network is a great service for finding passive candidates who just arenít reachable using mainstream job boards…”

Mike Rustici at Rustici Software:

“…Hidden Network doesn't deliver a lot of resumes...and that's a great thing! …”

Meghan Britton at The Lampo Group:

“…we were very pleased with the quick response and high quality candidates we found using Hidden Network…”

Charlie Janes at Backbase:

“…It's about quality, not quantity of responses.…”

Ron Splittgerber at Colorado State University:

“We received resumes from a large number of qualified candidates. It was a great success. Thank you!”

Chris Brown at Backstop Solutions:

“The overall experience was great. Of course, we can never hear from enough quality candidates, so we'll keep coming back!”

Portman Wills of Gratis Internet

“Interestingly, we received a number of applications for another position that we did not even advertise with you from people who say they found out about Gratis through Hidden Network... that speaks to how effective Hidden Network can be. My conclusion is that Hidden Network is great for hiring developers.”

Thadd Palmer of Trip Advisor (Boston, MA)

“I was really excited to have met a strong candidate through Hidden Network!”

Marc Brooks of infuz (St. Louis, MO)

“We found two awesome developers through Hidden Network.!”